How to apply for Tyler Perry Auditions 2022 | Casting Call

Tyler perry studios Casting Call 2022

Tyler perry studios is a well known name in Hollywood & America owned by the movie king Tyler perry. Tyler perry is well known for his film productions, legendry actings & fictional playwrites.

In 2019, Perry opened his newest studio in Atlanta. In 2015, he bought 330 acres (130 ha) of the old Fort McPherson complex to turn it into the new home of Tyler Perry Studios. Tyler Perry Studios is the biggest studio for making movies in the United States. This made Perry the first African-American to own a major movie studio outright. Tyler Perry guides the work of other filmmakers through 34th Street Films, a branch of Tyler Perry Studios that makes movies.

In 2018, Perry sold the studio he had opened in 2008 to another film production company that was owned by people of colour.The old studio was in two old Delta Air Lines buildings in the Greenbriar neighbourhood of southwest Atlanta. It had 19,000 square metres of office space and 200,000 square feet of set space.

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Tyler perry Auditions 2022

Being featured as an actor or c0-artist is a great thing & anyone working at Tyler perry studios will definitely have a bright future. But prior to this,you need to audition at Tyler perry auditions.Like every year, tyler perry studios are open for auditions & lot of vacant posts for their new set in Atlanta which will be used to shoot various shows & projects for BET+ & Netflix.

What are they looking for ?

Currently Tyler Perry needs individuals for their upcoming projects :

  • All the queens men
  • The Oval
  • Losing It
  • Young Dylan
  • Sistas

Eligibility criteria & requirements for Tyler pery auditions 2022

  • Age limit : The contestants should be minimum 21 years old or above.
  • Must have to undergo a COVID Test
  • Contestant must be comfortable on camera for nude scenes.
  • Race : No racism, all races are allowed
  • Should not have visible tattoes
  • 2 recent photographs (Full body & headshot)

How to apply for tyler perry studios auditions 2022 ?

To apply for Tyler perry auditions 2022, you need to call Tyler perry studios at 1800 498 9537 &  send the following details :

  1. Name
  2. Number
  3. Age
  7. (if so, please attach a copy of your Vaccination Card)
  8. Height
  9. Weight
  10. Sizes (Shirt, Pants, Jacket, etc.)
  11. Race
  12. Do you have visible tattoos? If so where?
  13. 2 RECENT PICTURES (1 Head shot and 1 Full body)

What are the contact details for Tyler Perry Auditions 2022

  • Email id :
  • Phone : 1800 498 9537

Is Tyler Perry looking for new actors?

Yes Tyler perry is looking for new actors at his atlanta studio as he has openings for lot of new projects such as The Oval, Loosing It and many other projects to be featured at BET+ & Netflix.

How do you get a Tyler Perry audition?

All the details are provided in the article, the all you need to do is attache your all details as asked in the above article & share it to Tyler perry studios.

How can I meet Tyler Perry?

Meeting Tyler perry is a very tough task, until or unless you are an actor or someone working at their crew. For any official meetings & collaborations with Tyler Perry, you may contact them at 1800 498 9537.

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