Apply now – Amazing Race Canada auditions 2023 & Application process

Amazing Race Canada is back for its new season.

The amazing race canada is back with it’s season 2022 & 2023, the show has been officially announced & dates for auditions, casting calls has also been revealed, Checkout the complete article to get all details about the amazing race Canada 2023 ,The Amazing Race Canada 2023 applications & how to apply.

About The Amazing Race Canada

The Amazing Race is an adventure reality game show where 11 or 12 teams of two race around the world (except the Family edition which featured 10 teams of four). The race is broken up into legs, and each leg requires teams to figure out clues, find their way in foreign places, talk to locals, do physical and mental challenges, and travel by plane, boat, taxi, and other public transportation on a limited budget given by the show. Teams are taken out of the race at the end of most legs, and the grand prize of US$1 million goes to the first team to finish the last leg.

The Amazing Race 2023

The amazing race will aired soon. Eleven teams of two people will race around the world for a grand prize of $1 million.The first episode of the season will air on September 21, 2023.

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Eligibility criteria & requirements for The Amazing race auditions 2023

  • Those who want to apply must be at least 18 years old. Except for the states listed below:
    Alabama: 19 years or older
    DC: At least 21 years old
    Mississippi: At least 21 years old
    Nebraska: 19 years or older
  • All applicants must be US citizens with a valid US passport and US driver’s licence.
  • You can only audition once per season, so you can only audition once online. If you don’t get a reminder, don’t worry—always there’s next year!
  • You can apply with the same team if you have applied previously
  • You Can apply with a new partner, even if you have applied with someone else in the past

Amazing Race Canada applications 2023

The application process for The amazing race 2023 is very easy & simple, Contestants needs to fill up the basic details of complete team individuals and upload your audition video of one minute or less.Take care of the fact that application form needs to be filled in a single sitting without refreshing the browser or going back in the browser.Be ready with the following details before filling the application form for The amazing race Canada auditions 2023.

  • Appearance
  • Birthdate
  • Gender
  • Height (Ft)
  • Weight
  • Ethinicity
  • Occupation
  • Education Degree
  • Last School Name
  • Relationship Status
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Kids
  • Have you ever casted on TV ? (Details if yes)
  • Bio
  • Social media handles (Facebook,Instagram,Twitter,Youtube,Tik Tok)
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Amazing Race Canada casting call & audition dates 2023

On the basis of applications & audition videos, the contestants will be selected for next rounds. The audition dates for the next round could be anything between June 2023 – September 2023. If you are selected for further auditions of The Amazing race, you will be notified through E-mail, so it becomes really important to keep an eye on your email inbox.

If you didn’t get any response regarding your application between June – September 2023, it means your application is rejected for further auditions as due to very large number of applications they are not able to contact each person individually. So make sure that you don’t make any mistake while filling the application form for as no mistakes would be entertained.

After these auditions, the next process of casting & filming will be started in mid October to mid November for approximately 25-30 days.

The Amazing Race america 2023 casting call

How to apply for the Amazing Race Canada auditions 2023?

  • To apply for The Amazing race canada casting call 2023,fill out the application form at .
  • Collect all the mandatory details given above as it’s necessary to fill out the application form in single sitting.
  • Fill out all the details mentioned above
  • Upload the photograph
    Upload the photograph of both team members in individual as well as team photo.Please ensure that the image size should be less that 5 MB and must be in either png,jpeg,jpg & gif
  • Upload audition video
    In the next step upload your audition video stating why they should consider you for auditions. The video size should be less than 50 MB and must be in either formats mpg, mpeg, avi, mp4, wmv, mov, 3gp or mkv.

Can I apply multiple times this season with many teammates?

You may, however we recommend selecting the individual who would make the best and most fascinating colleague. This is a show about relationships as well as a race around the world, therefore your teammate should be someone dear to you, not your three-month-old coworker.

Where can I watch The Amazing Race America season 34 ?

You can watch the show on CBS, however official OTT partners have not been revealed yet.

When The amazing Race 2022 will start ?

The season is set to premiere on September 21, 2022 following the premiere of Survivor 43

What is the prize money for The Amazing Race america ?

The winners would be awarded for a grand prize of $1 million

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