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Who Wants To Be a Millionaire An Australian TV game show that would award a maximum cash prize up to $1,000,000 for answering 15 multiple-choice questions with increasing difficulty. This show is based on the format of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” from the United Kingdom and has the same basic format.

Who Wants To Be a Millionaire The show debuted in Australia on the Nine Network on April 18, 1999 and was hosted by Eddie McGuire. Eddie McGuire is back for another year of Millionaire Hot Seat 2022, and we are looking for contestants who are game enough to compete for the million dollar prize.

1Also known asHot Seat
2GenreGame show
3Created byAdam Elliot
4Presented byEddie McGuire
5Theme music composerRamon Covalo
6ComposersRamon Covalo
Keith Strachan
Matthew Strachan
7Country of originAustralia
8Original languageEnglish
9No. of seasons13
10No. of episodes2,251 (as of 9 June 2021
11Production locationsGTV-9 Melbourne, Victoria (2009–10)
Docklands Studios Melbourne (2011–present)
12Running time30 minutes (2009–2016)
60 minutes (2017–present)
13Production companies2waytraffic (2009–2019)
Sony Pictures Television
14Original networkNine Network
15Picture format576i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
16Audio formatStereo
17Original release20 April 2009 – present
Millionare Hot seat overview

Millionaire Hot Seat Auditions 2023 Season 14

Millionaire Hot Seat, which premiered April 20, 2009, has been Australia’s longest-running quiz show. It remains the only Australian program where you can win $1 million. Millionaire Hot Seat has made a difference in the lives of many people and donated over $40 million to charity over its 12-year run. It may take some time due to the high number of applicants.

Millionaire Hot Seat Audition Process

Each Participant will have an equal chance of success if they submit their entries to the Casting Call. These entries will be reviewed by the Promoter, who will apply the criteria to determine which Participants will be invited to the Audition stage. Auditions may be held as necessary to fulfill the production schedule and other requirements of the Program.

Participants who are selected by the Promoter for the Audition stage will receive an email or SMS containing the details they provided during registration. Participants who are invited to the Audition receive an email message informing them of the audition location and time. Participants will be considered to have received any email or SMS messages from the Promoter 8 hours after they are sent. Not at the time of reception, but at the time that the Participant reads them.

Millionaire hot seat auditions
Millionare hot seat application

An email notification will provide details about the audition date, time, and venue. In the event that a Participant cannot attend the audition venue on the scheduled date and time, they may be resubmitted to the database to be invited again at a later date. The Promoter can’t guarantee that another audition date will be available. .

Participants who are invited to the Audition by email will be asked to confirm their attendance. In the event that the Promoter does not respond within the specified time, the Promoter could cancel the participant’s registration or invitation.

The Audition is not the time, place, or date at which any appearances on the Program are recorded. The Promoter will determine the date, time, and venue.

The Promoter may allow the Audition to be conducted via Zoom or other video conferencing technology. Participants are not allowed to choose which type of Audition they prefer. The Audition process may take up to three hours, regardless of the method chosen.

Participants invited to the Audition might be asked to complete a questionnaire and take a written exam. The Promoter may refuse to accept or complete any part of the Audition Process. Participants will be excluded from the Promotion. The Promoter reserves the right, after the Audition, to contact the Participant to clarify any or all elements of their audition.

The written test at the Audition stage is only part of the overall selection and judging criteria. All parts of the Audition including conduct throughout the process and any follow-up enquiries by the Promoter will be considered part of the overall selection criteria.

The Promoter will use the judging and selection criteria during the Audition process to identify Contestants who will be invited for the Program at a specified date (“Appearance Day”). The Promoter can decide the timing of the judging.

Rules & Regulations for Millionaire Hot Seat Application 2023 season 14

Participants selected for Contestant status will be notified via telephone. They will be informed by phone the date and time they will need to attend Docklands Studios Melbourne Victoria on their Appearance Date.

At its discretion, the Promoter may offer to pay for flight and accommodation costs, if applicable, in order to facilitate the Contestant’s participation. This does not include meals, beverages, or any other personal expenses.

The Contestants and their Support Persons (if applicable), will not be charged any fee for attendance at the studio, or any loss of earnings due to attendance at it. It is the responsibility and risk of each Contestant.

The Promoter may exclude a Contestant from the program if he or she fails to appear at the studio on the Appearance Day.

The Promoter reserves all rights to require Contestants to provide proof of their identity. The Program may require verification of identification.

How to apply for Millionaire Hot Seat Australia application 2023

To register for the Millionaire Hot Seat audition, Participants must visit and provide their demographic and contact details.

Non-compliance with these Conditions of Entry will result in the disqualification of entries. Incomplete or unclear entries, as well as entries that are not complete and/or have invalid or incorrect mobile phone numbers and/or email addresses will be rejected.

Participants can only register under their name. They cannot register for another person. Registration cannot be transferred.

Millionaire Hot Seat Australia Prize money

The dollar value of each level is as follows:

  1. $100
  2. $200
  3. $300
  4. $500
  5. $1,000 (Safe)
  6. $1,500
  7. $2,500
  8. $4,000
  9. $6,000
  10. $10,000
  11. $20,000
  12. $50,000
  13. $100,000
  14. $250,000
  15. $1,000,000

After 28 days after the broadcast of the program, any prize money won by the Contestant who occupies the Hot Seat for 15 questions will be sent to the nominated account. To remove any doubts, the Program broadcast is the only time that prize money will be awarded. No prize money will be given if the Program is not broadcast.

Is Millionare hot seat casting call still open ?

No, the casting call for millionare hot seat 2023 has been closed, however you can sign up for alert notification for the upcoming season.

What are the charges or fee for Millionare Hot Seat auditions ?

Their is no fees for auditions, however you have to bear your accomodation if required to travel for auditions in front of judges or producers.

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