Things you need to know about the Mayyas Group AGT 2022

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Mayyas group is trending on google & search engines. The Lebanese dance group Mayyas gave a thundering audition in AGT auditions & now the dance group will be in the shows of America’s Got Talent because they gave a mesmerizing performance in their first audition. Mayyas, the former winners of Arab’s got talent, secured their position for the live shows of America’s Got Talent.

The judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Sofia Vergara were all impressed by the Mayyas groups extraordinary auditions.

In fact, Sophie Vergara, who is in the TV show “Modern Family,” was so shocked that she pressed her golden buzzer, which got them to the live shows faster. In the show, each judge has one golden buzzer to use.

Mayyas meaning in labanese

One member of the Mayyas group told the judges that mayyas is an Arabic word that means “the proud walk of a lioness.”

Mayyas group life in lebanon

  • Sophie Vergara asked the group how life is in Lebanon right now, and they said, “Lebanon is a beautiful country, but we struggle every day.”
  • Another dancer said, “Unfortunately, it’s still not fully supported for an Arab woman to be a dancer.”
  • When asked about their dream, they said that being there “on the biggest stage in the world” is their “only chance to show the world what Arab women can do, the art we can make, and the fights we fight.”

Mayyas group Arab got talent winners 2019

In 2019, Mayyas won season six of “Arabs Got Talent” and also took part in “Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions”. The prize for winning Arabs Got Talent was a new car and 200,000 Saudi riyal ($53,333) in cash.

Mayyas group at arab got talent

Mayyas group performance in Agt auditions

Before their performance, the group said they wanted to “hypnotise” the judges so they could win the $1 million prize on America’s Got Talent.

The group danced to a mix of Arabic songs while wearing black bedlah-style clothes.
The judges are clearly interested in how they move when they dance, because the audience can hear them cheering and applauding the whole time. At one point, when the dancers form a pair of blinking eyes, Mandel yells, “They’re eyes, eyes!”

Mayyas group at Americas got talent

As soon as they were done, all four judges and the audience stood up to applaud. Host Terry Crews and Mayyas founder and choreographer Nadim Cherfan also cheered from the sidelines.

What judges said about Mayyas group ?

There are no words to describe how we felt over here.” “I’ve never seen more beautiful or creative dancing than that.

Sophie Vergara said

You said you were going to hypnotise us, and when we sat here and watched the movement, the perfection, and the amount of time that went into that, we were hypnotised by what you did.

Howie sad

Thanks for showing a little bit of your beautiful culture

Klum thanked the group

This is going to make a huge difference. “Stop”, “possibly the best dance act we’re likely to have ever seen.”

Simon cowell said

I would be so honoured to give [the dancers] even more power

Sophie sad pressing golden button

Mayyas dance group members on Agt

The Mayyas group has total of 33+ members who performed on stage, one member said, “This is to show what Arab women, Lebanese women, can do. “This has made a big difference in our lives.”

It’s OK by Nightbirde, a 2021 America’s Got Talent contestant who wowed the judges and got Cowell’s golden buzzer, is the music for the sad ending. The American singer, whose real name was Jane Marczewski, had cancer when she tried out, and she had to drop out of the competition because her health was getting worse. She was 31 when she died in February 2022.

Mayyas group achievements

  • Won Arab’s got talent season 6 in 2019
  • Appeared in Britain’s got talent
  • Appeared in Americas got talent

Mayyas group number of members

33 On stage members & rest back team

Mayyas Dance group facebook page

Mayyas group

Mayyas group competetions

  • Arab’s got talent (winners)
  • Britain’s got talent
  • America’s got talent

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