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What is Love Island USA ?

Love Island USA is a hot summer show based on the worldwide smash hit and cultural phenomenon of the Love Island. A group of single “Islanders” meet up in a beautiful villa in Las Vegas, ready to start a summer of dating, romance, and, in the end, relationships.

This is where the matchmaking begins. People on the island pair up every few days, and those who don’t pair up risk being kicked off the island.

People on the islands are looking for love, but it’s not always easy to find it. As new, interesting Islanders move in and friendships and relationships form, there are a lot of problems to solve. Islanders must not only choose their partners wisely, but also win over the hearts of the viewers.

The viewers have the power to change what happens on-screen through love island public voting via love island app, and in the end, they will choose one lucky couple as the winner. That couple will then have the chance to win both love and the cash prize.

Love Island USA Public voting

During the series the public vote through the Love Island app available on smartphones for their favourite couple or prospective couple. Pairs who receive the fewest votes risk being eliminated.Love Island Public Voting is used to know the public opinion for the contestants.

Public can vote their favourite contestant.Their is chance of winning good amount by participating in Love Island public voting.

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Overview of Love Island USA

GenreReality Tv
Created ByRichard Cowles
Presented ByCaroline Flack
Hosted ByIian Stirling
Music ByA – Mnemonic music production
Country of OriginUnited Kingdom
Original VersionsEnglish
No. of Seasons4
Finale Date1 August
Starting Date 20226th June
No. of Contestants32
Love Island USA Overview

Who is Eligible for Love Island USA Auditions?

  • You have to be an American citizen and live in the US.
  • Both your body and mind must be in great shape.
  • Age Limit : 18 to 35 Years
  • sexy, young, and single contestants are preffered

How to Register for Love Island USA application ?

You can register through direct link to Love Island Usa application form 2023 , but keep in mind their are strict guidlines to fill the application form. The application needs to be filled in single sitting & their are 52 personal questions asked in the application which you need to be prepared.

All those questions have given below. Below are the details required & questions asked for love island registrations.

Confirmed Contestants of Love Island USA – Season 4

Sr No.NameHome TownAgeInstagramJob
1Paige ThorneSwansea24@paigethornexParamedic
2Indiyah Polack (23)London23@1ndiyahWaitress and model
3Tasha Ghouri (23)Thirsk23@tashaghouriModel and dancer
4Gemma Owen (19)Chester29@gemowen_1International Dressage Rider and Business Owner
5Dami Hope (26)Dublin26@damihopeSenior Microbiologist
6Andrew Le Page (27)Guernsey27@andrewlepageReal Estate Agent
7Luca Bish (23)Brighton23@lucabishFishmonger
8Davide Sanclimenti (27)Rome, Italy (lives in Manchester)27@davidesancliBusiness Owner
9Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu (27)Essex27@ekinsuofficialActress
10Adam CollardNewcastle26@adamcollardPersonal Trainer and Gym Director
Love Island USA Confirmed contestants

Love Island USA Best Performers Till date

  • Cara De La Hoyde’s breathing fire – 2016
  • Chris and Kem rapping – 2017 
  • Siânnise and Luke’s dance – 2020
  • Camilla Thurlow’s poignant speech – 2017 
  • Priscilla Anyabu sensational dance – 2020
  • Paige Turley’s pop performance – 2020 
  • Millie Court’s piano playing – 2021

Details required for Love Island Application

It’s mandatory to fill the following personal details for filling Love Island application 2023 :

  1. First Name
  2. Middle Name
  3. Last Name
  4. Nickname / Aliases
  5. Height
  6. Weight
  7. Hair Color
  8. Date of Birth
  9. Eye Color
  10. Age
  11. Address
  12. City
  13. State
  14. Zip (Postal) Code
  15. Mobile Phone
  16. Home Phone
  17. Email
  18. Emergency contact name and relationship to you
  19. Emergency contact number
  20. Highest level of education completed
  21. Degree
  22. Instagram Handle
  23. How long have you been at your current job?
  24. Twitter Handle
  25. Youtube Channel
  26. Snapchat
  27. TikTok

What questions are asked for Love Island USA application ?

Below are the list of 52 questions for Love Island USA applications 2023 :

  1. Have you ever formally or otherwise changed your name? If so, what names have you used and why? *
  2. Do you have an ONLY FANS? Ever made an appearance on an Adult Film site or exclusive content site?
  3. Please tell us your preferred pronouns
  4. Do you have a valid passport? If YES, what is the expiration date?
  5. What gender(s) do you usually date?
  6. Are you single? If YES, please state how long you have been single for. If NO, please describe your current relationship situation
  7. When was your last relationship? How long were you together and why did you break up?
  8. Have you ever been married or engaged?
  9. Have you ever been in love? Do you fall in love easily?
  10. What do you currently do for work? List all jobs!
  11. Are you working with anyone on the casting team ?
  12. What College or University did you attend, if any?What city and state do you consider your hometown?
  13. In what city and state do you currently reside?
  14. What is the closest airport to your current home?
  15. At this time in your life, are you more interested in exploring casual “situationships” or finding a more serious relationship?
  16. Do you have a preferred way of finding dates (e.g., in person, dating apps like Tinder or Raya or other methods)?
  17. Do you prefer to be the pursuer or be pursued?
  18. Why do you think you are currently single?
  19. Describe your ideal romantic partner
  20. What makes you a good boy/girlfriend?
  21. Have you ever been unfaithful in a relationship? (Be honest!)
  22. If you had to choose between leaving the island with friends or leaving the island with a boyfriend/girlfriend, what would you choose?
  23. On the show, if you are interested in a person who is already coupled up, what will you do? What if that means breaking up a couple that includes your closest friend on the show?
  24. Do you generally get along better with men or women? Explain
  25. In 50 words or fewer, please write a dating profile for yourself
  26. Tell us about your family life growing up (where you grew up, siblings, parents, etc.)
  27. What’s your parent’s relationship status?
  28. Are they together? married to new partners? single?
  29. Do you look to them as relationship goals?
  30. Who would you like to role model your relationship after?
  31. How would your friends and family describe you?
  32. What are your hobbies and interests?
  33. Who is your celebrity crush and why?
  34. Do you have any close connections to celebrities or known public figures (e.g., family relation, dated in the past or friends with)?
  35. What is the most defining moment / event of your life?
  36. What is the most difficult thing you have ever been through?
  37. Tell us something surprising about your life that we would never know
  38. List 3 fun facts about yourself
  39. Have you ever seen any past seasons of Love Island (U.S. or U.K.)? If so, which ones?
  40. Why do you want to be on Love Island? What most would you like to get out of the experience?
  41. Do you have any close connections to celebrities or known public figures (e.g., family relation, dated in the past or friends with)? *
  42. What is the most defining moment / event of your life? *
  43. What is the most difficult thing you have ever been through? *
  44. Tell us something surprising about your life that we would never know
  45. Have you ever seen any past seasons of Love Island (U.S. or U.K.)? If so, which ones? *
  46. Have you ever applied for or appeared on Love Island or any other television shows? If YES, please list all appearances (completed or pending) and provide details (e.g. the name of the show, broadcast date, channel, and any prizes won) *
  47. Are you currently being considered for any other television show? If Yes, please let us know if it could conflict or interfere with your ability to participate on this show.
  48. Are you currently signed to a record label and/or music publisher? If so, please disclose those details here:
  49. Is there anything else we should be made aware of that may conflict or interfere with your ability to participate in any audition, studio appearance or on the show? If YES, please specify details below and any special requirements you may have/need.
  50. Other than driving offenses, which have not resulted in a driving ban, have you ever been convicted of a crime or are you the subject of ongoing criminal proceedings? If YES, please specify below full details of any conviction (s) or ongoing criminal proceedings / investigations (i.e. the offenses, date of conviction, the court concerned, and the sentence imposed and any other relevant information)
  51. Is there any other information we should be made aware of concerning your application (including anything in your past that may attract negative press or publicity)? If YES, please provide details

What is the winner prize in Love Island USA 2023 ?


What’s next if my application is selected?

You will be interviewed & auditioned multiple times in front of Directors & Judges. Their will be certain auditions that will decide your place in love island USA.

Will I get notification if my application for love island is rejected ?

Due to huge volume of applications, if you didn’t recieve a notification, it means your love island application is rejected.

What are the chances of application accepted in Love Island USA 2023 ?

Due to huge volume of applications, the chances of application acceptance is very low. You have to submit your answers very carefully so that you can make a difference.

Is there going to be a love Island USA in 2023?

Yes, love island is having two seasons in 2023, summer season & winter season.

Is Love Island USA on Amazon Prime?

Yes you can watch Love Island USA 2023 auditions on Amazon Prime.

How can I watch Love Island in USA?

You can watch Love Island USA on peacock app as well as on CBS.

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