Meet Lily Meola AGT contestant who got golden buzzer from heidi klum

Lily meola biography

Lily meola biography, agt audition, Lily meola golden buzzer

Hawaii’s Maui is home to singer-songwriter LILY MEOLA. She grew up listening to artists like Joni Mitchell, Carole King, and Ella Fitzgerald who had a big impact on her songwriting. She incorporates the contemporary musical inspirations like Ed Sheeran, James Blake, Rihanna, Alabama Shakes, and Frank Ocean into her work in addition to her storytelling origins.

She has lately collaborated on literary projects with a variety of authors, including Emily Weisband, Lauren Christy, Natalie Hemby, Tommy English, Stint, Lori McKenna, Hilary Lindsey, and Oak Felder, to mention a few. She also contributed to the song “Amen” by Andra Day, which was featured in significant Hyundai and Genesis advertising campaigns.

Lily Meola AGT audition

This week’s broadcast of America’s Got Talent (AGT) included singer-songwriter Lily Meola’s audition. The California-based touring artist wowed the judges and the live audience on Tuesday, June 28, 2022, with her amazing performance and stage presence. The artist was one of the many competitors that demonstrated their talents in the episode in hopes of moving on in the competition.

lily meola agt auditions

When Lily was just 20 years old, country music veteran Willie Nelson recognised the talent in the AGT contestant’s music and offered her the chance to perform a duet with him for his album To All The Girls.
Although country and Americana are two of her favourite musical genres, dreampop and folk are where she finds her true musical home. She won over judges Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Howie Mandel, and Heidi Klum with her passionate presence.

Lily meola lost her mother to cancer

Lily Meola, an AGT participant, lost her mother to cancer and turned to music as a coping mechanism.
Lily Meola was born in California and reared on Maui, Hawaii. Her mother, Nancy Meola, was a well-known woman in the music industry who served as Shep Gordon’s secretary. After learning of her mother’s cancer diagnosis, Lily was devastated and started serving as one of her main carers. Sadly, her mother passed away in June 2020.

Lily meola story behind singing

The AGT confirmed contestants suffered with the grieving process and her fight with depression when her mother passed away. She admitted to still having to cope with some of it in an interview with Rolling Stone. The performer said: “Even now, I experience hard days, but I persevere. I’m now entering the phase of my life where I’m attempting to finish what I started, protect what I started, and make my mother proud, wherever she may be.”

She engaged in self-care activities like baking, travelling to the beach, and visiting one of her closest friends, Lukas Nelson, the son of Willie Nelson, to help her deal with the largest loss of her life. She devoted herself to composing and singing, which steered her in the direction of happier times.

The AGT applicant first developed a love for music when her mother forced her to listen to vintage jazz and classical music. Her musical heroes included Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Cat Stevens, Joni Mitchell, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, and James Taylor. After being offered a weekly gig at Café des Amis in Paia, Hawaii, she took to the stage right away and began covering her favourite musicians.

The singer has performed with Willie Nelson at his annual Farm Aid performance every year since 2013, in addition to singing a duet with him. She has also performed on tour with Lukas and Micah, two of Willie’s musical sons.

Producer Bob Rock and Lily worked together a lot in the studio, and Lily essentially grew up with his girls. Additionally, the Canadian music producer impressed David Foster, the label’s president at the time, and helped her secure a development agreement with Verve Records. But the agreement fell through because she wasn’t prepared.

The AGT competitor has experience writing songs and has worked in a recording studio with other authors to create music. Don’t Stop (2020), Daydream (2021), and Sunshine (2022) are a few of her well-known tracks.

Lily meola biography

Lily constantly informs her over 21K Instagram followers about her music, performances, and daily activities.
In the previous 17 years, America’s Got Talent (AGT) has shown remarkable talent, with some of the performers even going on to become household names and win praise on a global scale. Golden buzzer winners from this season are Avery Dixon, Madison Baez, Sara James, and Mayyas group.

What’s Lily meola age ?

Lily is just 20 years old.

Is Lily Meola single ?

Yes, but she haven’t disclosed about her relationship status.

Has Lily Meola qualified agt auditions ?

Yes, Lily Meola qualifies the auditions on 28 June night & won golden buzzer from Heidi Klum.

How Lily Meola mother died ?

Lily Meola’s mother died of cancer, and she got into depresson that caused him to sung.

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