Eurovision Song Contest 2022 – Next Venue & selection process

Eurovision Song contest

Eurovision song contest, well known as ESC or Eurovision is an international Songwriting competition organized in collaboration with European Broadcasting Union. The show has successfully completed its 66 editions with 97 live shows. The show is primarily based on Sanremo Music Festival and the participants are chosen from different countries of the European Union. In this article, we will be having brief info about Eurovision auditions dates for 2022-2023 & many doubts that were aroused after the news that Ukraine is not gonna host Eurovision song contest for 2023. So a lot of people are in confusion that whether Eurovision 2022 will happen or not?

Eurovision song contest next venue

Probably the United Kingdom will host the contest

Although, Ukrain has denied hosting the show for 2022 & the United Kingdom has proposed to Host the show, but still, there is suspicion that whether it will be organized or not.

How to get selected for the Eurovision competition?

National elections are held in the represented nations in the run-up to the Eurovision Song Contest. The different national public broadcasters that are Active Members of the European Broadcasting Union organize these national choices (EBU). The BBC is in charge of national selection in the United Kingdom, SVT is in charge of national selection in Sweden, NDR is in charge of national selection in Germany, and so on.

  • First and foremost, it is critical to understand that the EBU is not involved in national choices. The participating broadcasters have complete control over how they choose their entry. The EBU, on the other hand, demands complete transparency in the procedure followed.
  • In most nations, national selections are shown on television, and anybody can submit songs. The songs that will compete in the national competition are chosen by a selection committee, and the winner is decided by a jury or spectators (or a combination of both).
  • Some nations choose their Eurovision Song Contest entry internally. The representing artists, as well as the song to be played, are then chosen by a selection committee.

How to submit a song for Eurovision selection?

How to apply for the Eurovision auditions 2022-2023?

You can’t submit your song directly for the Eurovision, You must win a national selection or be chosen by one of the participating broadcasters to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest. Sending in your song to your nation’s broadcaster is the first step!

  • Keep an eye out for announcements from your national public broadcaster if you want to represent your country in the Eurovision Song Contest. These announcements are usually made available on their website and contain instructions on how to submit your music.
  • It is not possible to represent your country if your country does not have a public broadcaster participating in the Eurovision Song Contest. You would have to submit your song for nomination in another country in order to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest. If you are chosen to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest, you will, of course, represent your home nation.
  • It’s worth noting that most stations set their song submission deadlines between September and December.
  • If you submitted a song, the public broadcaster will let you know if you were chosen for the national final or not. From then, everything speaks for itself; you must win your country’s national selection to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest.

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