Apply now ! Big Brother UK Application 2023 – Auditions open

Big Brother UK has been announced ! Apply now for Auditions | Fill out big brother uk application 2023

Big Brother UK Audition 2023

The big brother UK audition will start its process very soon, here is the complete guide for applying to Big Brother Audition & application. Here are the few details in breif about the show.

Overview : One of the original British reality shows, Big Brother is set to return to screens in 2023, years after it was dropped by Channel 4 and then Channel 5. The show was created by John de Mol and premiered in the Netherlands. Following the success of the first series, it has been confirmed that both UK and US editions are in the works.

The first series premiered on July 18, 2000 and ended with roommate Craig Phillips being crowned the winner after 64 days in the house.The series proved an early success and led to a second series. Big Brother UK was the first series to premiere live. In April 2022, ITV Studios are said to be in talks with Banijay, the rights holder. to Big Brother to revive the show in 2023.

BBUK 2023 comeback story

On 1 August 2022, during the Love Island series eight finale, ITV aired a trailer which officially confirmed that the series would return for a new series on ITV2 and ITVX in 2023. May and June and for “up to six weeks” with roommates from “all walks of life”

How to apply for Big Brother UK 2023 auditions ?

Step 1 : Visit the official link as given above & fill up the following required details

Basic Details : Name & Contact Information
First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Cell Phone
Home address
Zip Code
Big brother Uk Application details step 1

Step 2 : Fill out your Appearance Details

Hair Colour
Relationship status
Education Degree
Last School Name
Fill out Social Media Details
Social Media Handles URL
Tik Tok
Big brother UK 2023 applications step 2

Step 3 : Upload Image with following guidlines

Please ensure your image is less than 5MB and in one of the following file formats : png, jpeg, jpg, gif

Step 4 : Upload Video with following guidlines

Please ensure your video is less than 50MB. Accepted file formats are : mpg, mpeg, avi, mp4, wmv, mov, 3gp, mkv.

Big Brother UK 2023 audition process

To be eligible for Big Brother UK auditions, submit the application form via the official ITV website. Casting.If the application you submit is accepted for the next round of auditions, and the Producers select you to be an interview during the Semi-Finals, you will be an email notification.

The applicants are selected to form an approximate 40 applicants to audition. Producers are able to alter any of the guidelines for applicants at anytime and are able to choose which applicants to select or choose not to pick at their discretion.

If you’re chosen as an finalist, you need to complete the Participant Form Packet which will be handed at the direction of the Producers. It will contain among other things, Affidavits, release forms and waivers for yourself as well as your immediate family.

Also, you must allow the doctor chosen by the Producer at the Big Brother UK audition venue examine your mental and physical health and ensure you are in good physical condition and meet the mental demands.

If you are selected for an interview, Producers will inform you an hour prior to the interview. If you are selected to be part of the selection procedure the Producers will notify you about a couple of days prior to the selection process is finalized.

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Eligibility Criteria for Big Brother UK auditions season 2023

  • By the date of filling the application, you must be at least 21 years old.
  • You have to be an United Kingdom citizen and live in the United Kingdom.
  • Both your body and mind must be in great shape.

Big Brother UK Cast 2023

While no confirmation of the list of guests has been confirmed as of yet, ITV revealed “A new cast of carefully selected housemates, from all walks of life, will take up residence in the world’s most famous reality TV home for up to six weeks, with cameras capturing their every move, and the nation following every twist and turn.”

Paul Mortimer, director of reality commissioning and acquisitions at ITV2, added: “This refreshed, contemporary new series of Big Brother UK will contain all the familiar format points that kept viewers engaged and entertained the first time round, but with a brand new look and some additional twists that speak to today’s audience.”

Documents required for Big Brother UK application 2023

  • Passport Size photo
  • Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Identification
  • Passport
  • Medical history form

Big Brother UK Application 2023 – Terms & Conditions

  • Anything you submit your Big Brother producers like photos and videos will be the ownership and the property of Producers and won’t be returned to you regardless of whether you’re chosen as an participant. 
  • In the process of applying you are accountable for all expenses, including the cost of shipping, postage and preparing the materials (videotapes photographs, videotapes, etc. ).
  • The producer is not obligated to refund the costs. The person who is a participant can only be in one time. The producers’ decision-making is final, and can’t be modified or modified in any manner.
  • Producers are entitled to alter, add or change the locations in which interviews will be held.
  • If the Producers decide to invite you to an interview during the Finals and you are selected, you will need to attend the venue for auditions for approximately an entire week in the process of final selection according to the schedule set by the Producers.
  • You have to be willing to reside inside the Big Brother house with around twelve strangers for approximately 100 days, on dates set by producers.
  • You’ll have very limited or none of privacy. If you choose to stay in the house it’s up to you to arrange any arrangements with your family members and your boss you’ll need to do during the time you’ll be away from your home.
  • The home is filled with audio and video recording equipment that can record, broadcast and broadcast your voice and actions all day long all week long throughout the house the duration of your participation participating in the competition.
  • You’ll always be watched by the producers and viewers on television or the Internet and mobile devices and other forms of media.
  • You aren’t eligible to run for public office now If you’re chosen to be a part of the program, you’ll need to pledge not to be elected until after the premiere of all the shows on which you’re a part.
  • If you’d like to be in Big Brother UK 2023, you grant Big Brother UK 2023 the Producers permission to investigate your criminal, civil and financial background, as well as driving and any other background they believe is vital.

Will there be a Big Brother UK 2022 ?

Big Brother UK is coming back for season 20, but it will not premier in 2022, the show is returning for 2022.

Who will be the host of Big Brother UK ?

Yet to be confirmed

What is the release date for BBUK 2023 ?

The series is supposed to go live is spring 2023.

What will be the prize money for Big Brother UK ?

£50,000 to £150,000

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