How to apply for Australian Survivor 2023 Auditions ? | Judges,winners & audition dates

Australian Survivor Auditions 2023

Australian Survivor audition 2023 is One of the most well-known reality TV programs in australia.The Australian Survivor series is based on the international Survivor series. The show is quite similar to india’s Big Boss series, A huge number of contestants audition for a spot in the Australian Survivor show every year.

It’s a kind of Adventure reality show in which contestants have to live in a isolated location with living items like proper shelter,food & all the necassry items provided.The contestants are given tasks

1GenreReality competition
2Created byCharlie Parsons
3Based onExpedition Robinson/Survivor
by Charlie Parsons
4Presented byJonathan LaPaglia (2016-present)
Ian “Dicko” Dickson (2006)
Lincoln Howes (2002)
5StarringList of Australian Survivor contestants
6Theme music composerRuss Landau (2016–present)
7Country of originAustralia
8Original languageEnglish
9No. of seasons9
10No. of episodes198 (and 2 specials)
11Executive producersStephen Peters (2002)[1]
David Mason (2006)[2]
Amelia Fisk (2016–2020)
Tim Toni (2016–2017)[3]
Keely Sonntag (2019–2021)[4]
David Forster (2022–present)
12Running time60 minutes (inc. adverts)(2002, 2006)
70-90 minutes (inc. adverts)(2016–present)
13Production companiesCastaway Television (2002–present)
Endemol Shine Australia (2016–present)
14Original networkNine Network (2002)
Seven Network (2006)
Network 10 (2016–present)
15Picture formatPAL (2002, 2006)
HDTV 1080i (2016–present)
16Original releaseOriginal series:
3 February 2002 – 15 May 2002
First revived series:
17 August 2006 – 2 November 2006
Second revived series:
21 August 2016 – present
17Related showsCompanion showsJury Villa
Talking Tribal

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International versions
Australian Survivor Audition

The show is like round robin format & participants are given adventureous tasks every episode & on the basis of these tasks, the contestants get eleminated episode by episode.In this show the contestants are known as “Castaways” & people looking to participate in Australian survivor have to prepare themselves for The Australian survivor 2023 auditions as the show is supposed to make a comeback for it’s new season.

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Australian Survivor

Frequent physical and mental challenges are used to pit the tribes against each other for rewards, such as food or luxuries, or for immunity, forcing the other tribe to attend Tribal Council, where they must vote one of their tribemates out of the game by secret ballot.

The contestants have to go through certain physical & mental challanges on daily basis & complete the task successfully in order to survive in the show.The tasks age generaly related to foods,any object or any type of activity that brings agression in both the teams.

There are a lot of interesting facts about the australian survivor :

  • Teammates vote to eliminate one of their members through secret ballot paper
  • Two teams are grouped in the beginning of the show
  • Most of the embers are eliminated midway of the season as they are not able to perform tasks & challanges
  • Number of Contestants exit by themselves as they are not able to bear such tough mental & physical conditions
  • Midway of the season, the two teams are agained merged into a single team
  • The show brings a lot of entertainment & chaos during every stage
  • Only two contestants competete for the last round (Blood vs Water) & they have to present their case behind jury
  • The contestant who is able to convince the jury taht why they should win the show is awarded with the Title Sole Survivor.
  • The winner is awarded with a huge prize money of A$500,000

How to apply for Australian Survivor 2023 auditions ?

To apply for Australian Survivor 2023, you need to visit the official site of the Australian Survivor here. Is’s quite easy to apply for auditions of Australian Survivor auditions, just wait for the notifications of the Australian Survivor. Once the applications are live , follow the below steps :

  • Sign up for the australian survivor
  • Enter your all details
  • Wait for the noitifications

Australian Survivor Applications 2023

The Australian survivor applications are yet to be opened, stay tuned with this website for latest updates of survivor australia applications. You will need to have the following details to fill the applications for survivor australia 2023 :

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Social Media Profie links (Insta,Tik Tok,Facebook,Youtube,Twitter)
  • You must be a citizen of the US, Canada, the UK, or Ireland and be at least 18 years old.

After filling these details, you need to submit your auditions video of one minute or less, while uploading the application form & audition video, take care of following things :

  • Shot in portrait mode (vertical)
  • Selfie video is great!
  • One minute or less
  • Please include your name, age and where you are from in your video
  • Accepted video formats:.mp4, .webm, .mov
  • Up to 250 MB in size

Australian Survivor auditions 2023 Judges & Host

Unlike other reality shows, the American survivor only has host & no judges. Jonathan LaPaglia will be the host for Australian Survivior 2023. He has been the most popular figure in the Australian Survivor show and he is been hosting the show since last 7 seasons.

In the previous seasons Lincoln Howes was the first ever Host for season 1 while “Ian Dicko Disckson” hosted the second celebrity season.In the final rounds, jury is their but for now there is no details about jury.

Australian Survivor winners & Runner Up

SeasonWinnerRunner Up
1Rob DicksonSciona Browne
2Guy LeechJustin Melvey
3Kristie BennettLee Carseldine
4Jericho MalabongaTara Pitt
5Shane GouldSharn Coombes
6Pia MirandaBaden Gilbert
7David GenatSharn Coombes
8Hayley LeakeGeorge Mladenov
9Mark WalesChrissy Zaremba & Shayelle “Shay” Lajoie
Australian Survivor Winners

Eligibility Criteria for Australian Survivor Auditions

  1. Applicant should be an Adult i.e 18 years old or above
  2. Applicant must be a citizen of Australia
  3. Applicant must know how to swim
  4. Applicant needs to be quite strong both mentally & physically
  5. Applicant must be comfortable to live with strangers & involving in unususal activities or tasks provided in the show.

How to apply for Survivor Australia 2023 ?

All the details for participating in Survivor Australia has been given in the article.

What are the venues for Australian Survivor audition ?

Yet to be disclosed

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