Know your favourites : Amazing Race Canada Contestants 2022

The Amazing Race Canada is live with it’s season 8. This time contestants for the shoe are really special as Teams in Season 8 include an Olympian, a JUNO Award-winning singer, teachers, personal trainers, a firefighter, a comedian, a motivational speaker, Broadway performers, and more. The amazing race auditions 2023 & Amazing race Canada applications 2023 were live & now contestants have been finalized.

For Season 8 of THE AMAZING RACE CANADA, there are 10 contestant teams ready to go.

The amazing race canada contestants 2022 -Season 8

Beverley & Veronica

Beverley and Veronica first became friends because they both loved fitness and travelling. Their friendship grew quickly, and now they work together to run fitness retreats that include workouts, workshops, and wellness. They have never heard the word “quit.”

Beverley Cheng
Age: 30
Hometown: Toronto
Occupation: Fitness Entrepreneur / Content Creator
Instagram: @beverleycheng

Beverley grew up playing rugby competitively and was often picked on because she was Asian and had a strong body. She could always turn to sport and fitness, and over the past ten years, she has built an online fitness universe that has helped women from all walks of life.

Veronica Skye
Age: 32
Hometown: Vancouver
Occupation: Travel Marketing / Run Club Leader
Instagram: @veronicaskye

Veronica has worked in the tourism industry for more than ten years. She has always loved nature, travel, and new experiences. She is also open about the fact that she has anxiety and that exercise, a healthy diet, and thinking about herself have helped her deal with it. She spends her free time making a group for people who like running and the outdoors that isn’t intimidating.

Brendan & Connor

Brendan and Connor have been best friends since birth, even though they are brothers. They grew up in a small town near Parry Sound, Ontario, where they explored the outdoors, played hockey on the lake, and spent nights around a campfire. Kind, fun-loving, and devoted to their families, the brothers are the life of every party and are ready to put all their energy into THE AMAZING RACE CANADA, which they hope will be the adventure of a lifetime.

Brendan McDougall
Age: 29
Hometown: McDougall, Ont.
Occupation: Sales Representative
Instagram: @mcdougally

Brendan has always loved extreme sports, and the more adrenaline-filled they were, the better. But his sense of responsibility for his younger brother, Connor, and his desire to make sure he gets every chance he deserves is what drives him to give everything he has to every challenge they face.
Brendan and Connor are in a race to change their lives and put down roots in their hometown. Their strong bond as brothers keeps them going.

Connor McDougall
Age: 26
Hometown: McDougall, Ont.
Occupation: Elementary School Teacher
Instagram: @connormcd14

Brendan’s funny moves As a child, Connor is often the voice of calm reason when things are getting crazy. Connor is a teacher at a local elementary school. He has always known he wanted to work with kids and be an inspiration to them, and he is glad he can do that in the same town he grew up in.

Cassie & Jahmeek

Cassie and Jahmeek both grew up playing sports that were very competitive and focused on teams. Cassie played hockey at a high level, and Jahmeek was signed by the Canadian Football League’s Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Since then, they have used their love of sports to make a name for themselves in the fitness industry.

Cassie Day Age: 31
Toronto is home.
Occupation: Entrepreneur / Personal Trainer
@cassiedayyy on Twitter and @cassiedayyy on Instagram.
Cassie is the founder of a wellness programme that helps everyone make fitness a regular part of their lives by giving them programmes that are easy to use and open to everyone.

Jahmeek Murray
Age: 32
Hometown: Toronto
Occupation: Firefighter / Personal Trainer
Instagram: @jahjahbanks

Jahmeek grew up in Kingston, Jamaica, and he has had to work hard to get where he is today. He was almost killed when he was pulled into the ocean by a riptide, but he fought to stay alive because he was thinking about Cassie.

Craig and Catherine

Catherine and Craig met almost 25 years ago at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School. Since then, they have been the best of friends. At Craig’s wedding, Catherine was the guest of honour, and Craig was her best man. He is now the Godfather of her two kids.

Catherine Ledlow Wreford
Age: 42
Winnipeg is home.
Actor or performer is his job.
@CatherineWrefo2 on Twitter and @catherinewreford on Instagram.

Catherine has been in shows like 42nd Street, Annie Get Your Gun, and Oklahoma. In 2013, she was told she had brain cancer that would kill her and that she had between two and six years to live. Now that she has been cancer-free for six years, after surgery and years of treatment, she feels strangely grateful for the diagnosis because it taught her how to live life to the fullest.

Craig Ramsay
Age: 45
Windsor, Ont., is where I live.
Performer and host. His Twitter handle is @craigramsayfit.
@craigramsayfit on Instagram
Craig has loved theatre since he was a child. In addition to performances in productions such as Anne of Green Gables-The Musical, Mamma Mia!, and Fiddler on the Roof, Craig is also a fitness expert, TV personality, and author. He is an outspoken member of the LGBTQ+ community and his first year of married life with his husband was documented worldwide in the series Newlyweds: The First Year

Cedric & Tychon

Father and son who are in the race for every Black father and son across the country – with the hope of being the first Montréal team to win.

Cedric Newman
Age: 50
Hometown: Montréal
Occupation: Comedian / Mechanic
Twitter: @cedricnewman
Instagram: @comediancedricnewman

The biggest eye-opening experience of Cedric’s life was when he recognised that he was struggling with depression. He believes keeping your mental health in check should always be the number one priority. Having appeared in numerous comedy specials, radio shows, and festivals, performing for others as a professional stand-up comedian is where he is happiest, and he is looking forward to getting back on stage following the pandemic

Tychon Carter-Newman
Age: 30
Hometown: Montréal
Occupation: Content Creator / Motivational Speaker
Twitter: @tychonxcarter
Instagram: @tychonxcarter

Tychon did a 180 – getting his grades up, volunteering in the community, and spending more time with his family. He was the first man in the family to finish university. Recently, he was crowned the winner of BIG BROTHER CANADA and now uses his newfound following to promote black success and speak about mental health within the Black community.

Court & Ali

Dating couple who want to be positive role models for Indigenous youth.Though they’ve only been dating for a short time, this adventurous, competitive, and playful couple don’t see their new bond as a potential challenge.

Siginaak (Blackbird) Court Larabee
Age: 39
Hometown: Whistler, B.C.
Occupation: Executive Director, Sports academy for Indigenous youth\sInstagram: @thebirdandabear
Thunder Bay, Ont., Court was removed from his family at a young age and only reconnected with his Indigenous family much later in life. Finally able to discover his true heritage, Court started a sports academy for Indigenous youth, providing opportunities to play, express themselves, and improve their mental and physical health.

Ali (Bear) Clark
Age: 33
Hometown: Fernie, B.C.
Occupation: Visual Artist / Coach, Sports academy for Indigenous youth
Instagram: @thebirdandabear

Ali’s childhood in Fernie, B.C. was filled with outdoor activities and caring for animals on their family rescue farm. Although tough at times, she is thankful for growing up in a way that taught her to work hard and live off the land. She is an avid explorer and will jump at any chance to be in the mountains. Together, she and Court design and create custom beaded leather designs, such as hatbands and bracelets, that combine both of their heritages and passions.

Dennis & Durrell

Active and competitive uncle and nephew who are passionate about being positive role models in their community.

Dennis Ashe
Age: 42
Hometown: Halifax
Occupation: Youth Development Teacher

Durrell Borden
Age: 33
Hometown is Halifax
Law student and leader in the community. Twitter: @durrellborden
Instagram: @durrellborden

Durrell, being the kind of person he never saw when he was growing up is important for inspiring others and making spaces where they can feel safe. He wants young people to know that they can do anything they set their minds to, and that trying again and again is the most important thing.

Franka & Nella Sisters

The “Franella” sisters, Franca and Nella, are racing for the Filipino and immigrant communities across Canada.Franca and Nella, who are sisters and best friends, were born in Manila, Philippines, and moved to Canada when they were very young. They were always close as kids, but as they got older, they couldn’t be apart, and “Franella” was born.

Franca Brodett
Age: 32
City of origin: Edmonton
Assistant Dean of Development. Instagram handle: @franellagram.
Franca had to work four jobs to pay for college. After getting a divorce, she has a new sense of who she is and feels stronger than ever.

Nella Brodett
Age: 30
City of origin: Edmonton
Director of Partnerships was his job title.
Twitter: @nbrodett Instagram: @franellagram
Nella was a very good hockey player when she was younger. In 2014, she was diagnosed with clinical depression, and she is now very passionate about talking about how important mental health is. Golf is a big part of how the sisters keep their lives in balance, and they played more than 250 rounds together last year.

Jesse & Marika

Siblings who are successful and competitive and want to represent the Inuit people in Canada.
Jesse and Marika are very proud of their heritage. They were born in Yellowknife, but their family is from Tuktoyaktuk, NWT. This pair of siblings is very competitive, and they can’t wait to show Canada and their community what they’re made of.

Jesse Cockney
Age: 32
Hometown: Canmore, Alberta.
Work: Olympian / Student
Twitter name: @jcockney
Instagram: @jcockney

When the pandemic hit, Esse found himself at a crossroads. After he decided to quit the sport for good, he turned his attention to achieving his academic goals. He got his bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from the University of Calgary and will start his master’s degree in management there as well. Jesse still coaches, and many young skiers in Canada look up to him as a role model.

Marika Cockney
Age: 29
Hometown: Canmore, Alberta.
Actor, performer, and content creator. @marikasila on Twitter and @marikasila on Instagram.
Marika is passionate about making her dreams come true. She is an actress, a hoop dancer, a content creator, and a former national champion in cross-country skiing. She has danced with hula hoops all over the country and the world, and she just had a lead role in THE TWILIGHT ZONE. She is making her first documentary now, which aims to give Indigenous voices a bigger role in Canada’s Indigenous affairs.

Kathy & Jully

Close friends who are running to honour their mothers who have passed away.
Jully and Kathy are like sisters, and they feel lucky that they’ve become so close as adults. They have been a huge help to each other since they both lost their mothers.

Juliette Black
Age: 44
Home is Toronto.
She is a Canadian singer-songwriter who has won a JUNO Award and has been called “Canada’s Queen of R&B.” She is also a producer and actress.
Twitter: @jullyblack & Instagram: @missjullyblack

Jully is the youngest of nine children. She was born and raised in Canada, but she is proud of her Jamaican roots. She has won many awards for her work as a singer, songwriter, actor, author, and activist. In 2021, she will be officially added to Canada’s Walk of Fame. She is an advocate for young people’s mental health and has started two businesses in the fitness industry. Jully is a religious woman who uses her career to celebrate, inspire, and champion others.

Katherine Hunter
Age: 41
Hometown is Regina
Director of Business Development was his job.
Instagram: @k leesteeler

Kathy lost her mother to a rare heart condition when she was 27. This made her change how she thought about life and focus on taking care of herself, both physically and mentally. Not only did Jully lose her mother, but she also lost her sister and twin brother. During their sadness, they have been an inspiration to each other and a shoulder to cry on.

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