Top 5 Best Auditions of America’s Got Talent Season18

Talent shows are something different as compared to any other reality show. Similarly, America’s Got Talent is not just a show it’s an emotion for almost every person in the country. Every season of this reality talent show has witnessed amazing talents from across the country. Contestants come from various states to perform their hidden talents before the judges to win the grand prize.

Each season of this talent reality show has given the fans good options to make them watch. Yes, the credit for it always goes to the amazing and unique participants who are performing and will perform on this stage. Further, in this article, we will talk about the top 5 auditions of season 18 at America’s Got Talent. 

Top 5 Auditions of Season 18 at America’s Got Talent

Here are our top 5 auditions of season 18 at America’s Got Talent:-

D’Corey Johnson – The Master of Amazing Voice

This 11-year-old singer just became an internet sensation after he performed his auditions on America’s Got Talent. It seemed like he did some magic to his voice during the audition rounds. The song he sang not only left the judges shocked but, all the audience at the back were singing along with this little talented singer.

D’Corey’s audition song was ‘Open Arms’ by Journey. He was seen wearing a white shirt, along with a bow tie, a trouser, a pair of white shoes, and a coat from above. His appearance did not reveal anything about the hidden talent that he was going to present before the judges and the audience.

After he finished singing the song, Cowell asked him to sing after the chorus without the backing track along with a standing ovation from the audience. Yes, he proved Simon Cowell wrong with his amazing voice. At this moment, he knew that he had aced the audition. 

Mzansi Youth Choir – The Ultimate Golden Buzzer

Mzansi Youth Choir cannot go off the list when we are talking about the top best auditions of America’s Got Talent season 18. This South African earned their extra Golden Buzzer after their moving performance of “It’s Ok”. This choir group came into the stage dressed fully in white for both men and women. Even before their performance, the audience at the back was already happy watching them.

The performance was very simple but, the story behind it had lots of meaning. The song “It’s Ok” was written by late season 16 contestant Jane “Nightbirde” Marczewski. They dedicated their performance to this contestant which brought back so many memories. This story touched all the hearts of the people who were present in the auditorium that day. 

Shadow Ace

People have surely become a fan of this guy after he completed his auditions. He is a Beyonce superfan who has aimed to ‘revive a lost start’ by bringing shadow art to the most popular talent show in the world. He was seen wearing a back t-shirt, a pair of black pants, and shoes. Then he did really put up an amazing art show along with an amazing story before the judges and the audience.

He simply used his hands, light, and the screen to tell a series of surprisingly hilarious stories. Both the song and his acting were going in beautiful sync which amazed the audience and the judges of the show. We have to agree to the fact that, this was one of the best shows in America’s Got Talent so far. In the end, he received a ‘Yes’ from all the judges. 

Steel Panther

Even before their performance or introducing themselves, this heavy metal band received a standing ovation from the audience. Simon Cowell was amazed by the fact that this band was receiving a standing ovation without doing anything.

This band included four people Spider, Michael Star (lead singer), Sancho (guitar), and Steax who were seen coming with a mic and guitars. This energetic rock band then started performing and the audience had surely gone crazy by then. In the end, the group received a ‘Yes’ from the judges. 

Patrick Chu (Trex)

Sofia Vergara already wanted to say no before she had watched this character do his thing. But, the moment he began breakdancing and acrobatics in a dinosaur suit people along with Sofia changed their thoughts toward him. His freestyle and amazing dance skills earned him a standing ovation from the judges. Sofia revealed that she did the right thing by not saying no at first.

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